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For me, Markus Schneider is one of the special winegrowers in Germany. Over the past two decades, Markus has built a winery that has become elite and it produces top-class wines. It has been ten years since we had the pleasure of meeting each other. From this friendship, many years of experience and passion came the extraordinary Cuvée "Kamanima". A wine mixed with the best barrels of the estate, which gives jagged and pointed edges, with an extremely round result. Those who enjoy this rare, limited edition will join Tim Raue. He serves this wine exclusively in his restaurant. After tasting it you cannot do anything - except to enjoy more "Kamanima"



The optimal wine glass


The wine glass plays a crucial role to ensure that an aroma is perfectly developed. For “Kamanima” I recommend the following wine glasses:


Burgundy glass



The flavor profile


First taste – freshly opened bottle

At the beginning there are flavors that leave a leather-like impression. Characterized by fine red berries, this Cuvèe already has great character. Despite the young age of this wine, it is full-bodied, spicy and masculine. The longevity can be felt out: In the future "Kamanima" will remain an impressive pleasure. Delicate tannic acid is present on the palate from the beginning, and the bouquet is characterized by tones of beetroot, rosemary and tobacco.


Second tastewith some oxygen

After a few minutes of oxidation, the flavor spreads. Nuances of finely ground black pepper, dense concentrated cherry and aromas that are spicy, meaty and powerful, enhance the flavor. In the nose, the flavors seem to become more dominant. The combination of wild berries and herbs gives an exciting flavor profile. Many herbs and the sublime smell of spruce needles give the wine a pleasant depth. Together with tannic acid, which has now become more elegant, comes a cool, fine-grained texture. It's a complex, enthralling concentration of flavors. The tangible tension of the tastes raises this cuvée to an extremely high level.


Third tastewith a lot of oxygen

In addition to the wild side of this cuvée, a soft, faint level gradually emerges. It is characterized by notes of Madagascan pepper, dark chocolate and amarena - Italian pickled sour cherries –. With this delicate acid, gentle sweetness and minimal concentrated tartness, the wine is now wonderfully full-bodied. The striking, earthy and fleshy accents run like a red thread through the complete flavor profile and remain until the end. A wonderful, complex aroma. "Kamanima" is an absolute rarity. In fifteen years you will notice with delight that the flowering time of this cuvée will not pass.

Markus Schneider & André Macionga

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