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There are only a few German red wine producers who have continuously convinced me over the last few years like Klostermühle Odernehim. Accordingly, it was important for me at the beginning to work together with Klostermühle Odernehim to create a red wine cuvee. The first barrel samples in the cellar were extraordinarily aromatic and excellent. I was excited, I’ll be aware of this moment for a very long time and the joint cuvéeing with the winemaker turned out to be a great pleasure. The name Komplex 19 is reflected in the sensuality of this wine: this cuvée is complex, a unity, a circle. What's up with the number nineteen remains a mystery. Or are you able to solve this riddle?



The optimal wine glass


The wine glass plays a crucial role to ensure that an aroma is perfectly developed. For “Komplex19” I recommend the following wine glasses:


Burgundy glass



The flavor profile


First taste – freshly opened bottle

Immediately after opening the bottle, the wine looks delicate, gentle and quiet. A spicy smoky smell with a discreet scent of cloves penetrates the nose. On the palate, I taste ripe sour cherry, juicy plum and sweet wild raspberry. The cuvée reminds me of an elegant Amarone. This flavor profile calls classical music into my thoughts. A gripping symphony of red fruits. The addition of violet and blackberry adds a fusion that gives off a hint of sulfur. A true firework of flavors.


Second tastewith some oxygen

Followed by the dominant smell of berry juice in spicy heaviness comes a minimal touch of laurels and violets. With the addition of air, the development is noticeably in an excitingly sophisticated direction. The note of black truffle reminds me of tuber from southwestern Périgord in France. Delicate nuances of raisins - underlined by the scent of rose petals give the truffle note exciting accents. New characters such as the sweetness of dates, a freshness reminiscent of menthol and delicate tannins give the wine enormous depth. The flavor profile of Komplex 19 is evolving more and more into an elaborate painting.


Third tastewith a lot of oxygen

The oxygen-supported complexity brings with it odors of date, blackthorn and a hint of rosehip. The note of roasted coffee spreads on the palate, and on the finish, the soft furry tannins strengthen. The delicate filigree cuvée has now developed into a strong, intense wine. Its bouquet is able to enchant with a complex melody. Nineteen musicians play, one conductor unites - the symphony is complete.

Klostermühle Odernheim & André Macionga

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