Nymphe voM Montfort 2016

The project Nymphe vom Montfort


The cooperation with the winery Klostermühle Odernheim and the associated project “Nymphe vom Montfort” gave me great joy from the outset. For several years I have known and enjoyed the wines produced by the winery. They meet my taste in the highest degree. The “Nymphe vom Montfort” expresses an ingenious interplay that’s typical of the vineyard with a personal idea of flavours and their implementation. This cuvée convinces solely by the taste of its origin, the vineyard “Montfort”. A vineyard that I count among the most extraordinary and interesting Burgundy vineyards in Germany.



The optimal wine glasses


The wine glass plays a crucial role to ensure that an aroma is perfectly developed. For “Nymphe vom Montfort 2016” I recommend the following wine glasses:


Burgundy glass



The flavor profile


First taste – freshly opened bottle

First, a tantalizing smell of subtle Burgundy appears at the nose. In addition, faint hints of stone fruit make themselves known. On the palate, the wine already has a beautiful fine finish from the very beginning. In the mouth the texture of the cuvée is fresh and silky. The whole thing is underlined by a bright yellow fruity note as well as a fine line of acidity that pulls through the whole taste.


Second tasteAwakened with oxygen

The journey of smell continues. light herbal tones, lemon grass and a hint of aniseed pass through the nose. The palate reflects these aromas and underlines the delicate tone of nuts. The mineral taste is more apparent, reminiscent of limestone. The floral note rises, and all in all the wine now has a more significant effect. The cuvée radiates in a fully mature presence. The bouquet reminds me of pineapple and green apples. The nose and palate combined to create a harmonious and complex experience.


Third tasteAlive with oxygen

With oxygen, the taste of this cuvée is always fuller and more profound. There are always new aromas in the nose, but even the previously unprecedented odours remain. The minerality seems to be saltier. The taste of peach dominates the fruity aspect of the wine accompanied by wood and almond notes. The Nymphe vom Montfort is a wine that already convinces at a young age. It will be interesting to see how this cuvée will develop in the coming years. It is certain: The Nymphe vom Montfort is a cuvée that shines – whether today or tomorrow.

Klostermühle Odernheim & André Macionga

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