The art of cuvéeing

In France the term “cuvée” most commonly refers to a blend, either of more than one grape variety or of wine from specially selected barrels or vats. “Grand Cuvée” or “Cuvée Prestige” Indicates higher quality of wine. Whether the wine is a blend, or a pure variety does not matter. However, a bottle called "assemblage" is a wine composed of more than one grape type.

Here in Germany, “Cuvée” has a different meaning. It is term used for blending. A blend of different grape varieties, just like the French "assemblage". The aim is to bring the best possible quality of wine through the right mix of individual grape varieties to create an optimal balance.



The three production methods


There are three different production techniques that can be used when producing cuvée. One possibility is to take a range of grapes, put them in the same wine press and ferment them together. The second method is very similar, but it involves harvesting each variety of grape at the same time before adding them to the wine press. The most classic and well-known approach is to harvest, press, ferment, store and mature each grape variety separately, by doing so, this allows the winemaker to explore a wider range of flavours, aromas and textures by running off wine from each cask using a measuring beaker. This is the technique used by André Macionga.



Creating a sensorial flavour profile


André Macionga prefers to produce cuvée’s with matured wine, in the wine cellar, together with the winemaker. Through a series of tests André is creating an image in his mind of how his wine should taste. He asks himself the question: "What could fit together, what could not?" Through his experience in recent years, he quickly guessed what could arise from the various flavors: "It makes me happy if the flavor profile I have in my head can be transferred into the bottle in front of me." In the best case, the final result could even surpass his ideas.



culinary masterpiece


Wine is culinary art, products that are sensational in themselves, but by blending these individual wines, new masterpieces are created. "There are two beautiful pictures that are united and suddenly a completely new piece of art is formed, a unique image that will surprise wine lovers altogether”. These are the various possibilities of composition that fascinate André Macionga.



Personalities optimally combined


A harmonized cuvée offers the wine lover more personality than a single grape variety. cuvéeing allows more complex aromas, body and textures, fruit and acidity as well as a perfectly balanced finish. The characteristics of the individual wines are thus in harmony and lead to a unique taste experience.


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