“Wine tells stories”. Wine can be incredibly versatile and multi-faced, different in texture, taste and smell. Wine creates experiences and experiences shape life. This is the philosophy of André Macionga.



From passion to profession


In 2011, André Macionga decided to steer his passion for wine into a professional direction. His goal: to create new "wine stories" with unique flavors. Working together with the wineries of Horst Sauer, Markus Schneider, Klostermühle Odernheim and Neverland, André found places that made it possible to create these exclusive cuvée’s. Thanks to them he could turn his ideas into reality.



André’s manuscript: Characterful wines


André Macionga sees his wines in the form of colour. Before André creates the Cuvée, he tries every wine individually. This is how colour images are created in his inner eye. Based on these colour images he decides on how the overall cuvée will develop. This creates an extraordinary cuvée with unique colour. His cuvée’s shine and leave the wine lovers with clear suggestions where journey should go.


Every wine by André Macionga cuvée is unique, and yet one recognizes his signature: "My wines are not shy students sitting in the corner. They are strong, confident characters!”. And if one were to compare his wines to an animal, it would be a self-confident and at the same time graceful lion: basically, soft and loving, but in certain situations loud and provocative.”



Questioning lead to varied tastes


Those who drink a cuvée from André Macionga should have a tasteful experience. André wishes: "The wine lover should be alert and taste my wines with openness". André is of the opinion: "There is the possibility to drink a wine blind, or to enjoy it while questioning. I question it, because in my wines there is much to taste.”


The wines of André Macionga are clearly structured and have substance. This is sometimes the reason they are excellent as food accompaniment. And if the wine is open and can breathe, it reveals a new facet to the connoisseur every five minutes. This is exciting, a real joy, because wine should give pleasure. "With wine you can experience how the same bottle can change completely within the space of an hour, which I find fascinating.” explains André.


Let yourself be delighted by the taste buds. Those who grapple with the cuvée’s of André Macionga, will enjoy a unique experience.: "For me wine is passion, emotion, sociability, harmony and love. As versatile as life." André Macionga.

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