The sommelier

André Macionga, 2013 «sommelier of the year» F.A.Z. and 2017 «host of the

year» in the Gault & Millau; from a young age, André Macionga had deep passion and understanding for flavor within food and wine. Fascinated with the world’s flavors, he allowed himself to indulge in the sensual combinations food and wine had to offer.



The apprentice


During Andrés training, there was one moment that changed his life for good.

Caught by the general manager, thoughtlessly dusting down the wine bottles, his superior ordered him to please be more sensitive with the wine. André was astonished.

There stood this cultivated man, preaching of sensitivity. Sensitivity to wine?

“My superior spoke with such earnestness and seriousness. I stood dazed with my mouth open, wondering to myself: what's going on here? It´s just wine? "

After some time, it became clear to him, if this man spoke with such passion and devotion towards dusting wine bottles surely he should take note. For wine has history, and this history along with the passion and devotion that goes into producing wine should be treated with the upmost respect.



Curiosity shapes his life


“If you want to understand the wine, then you must try the wine” this was André’s way of thinking. Driven by curiosity, André wanted the attitude of his superior. The optimum of knowledge and ability was to be achieved and from then on André threw himself into the world of wine, determined to learn all its secrets.



Wine at a high level


In 2006, André began working with Tim Raue. Tim, now a celebrity chef gave André the opportunity to explore wine at a higher level. Pick a region, study it and its wine for several months, afterwards he would then move on to the next one. This was the way André chose to deepen his knowledge step by step.

He often travelled to wineries, conversed with winemakers and plunged himself into flavors and aromas he´d never experienced before. Tim often accompanied him on these trips. “Tim offered me the opportunity to focus enormously on wine, while at the same find new flavors to study.” With this self-teaching approach, André, after almost two decades became an expert of wine.



Restaurant Tim Raue


A working relationship quickly developed into a close friendship with Tim, so there was no doubt that André should take on the role as restaurant manager. Since 2006 they have been an unbeatable team, with the restaurant now boasting two Michelin stars. André likes to reminisce of the old days. "Through Tim and his business partner Marie I could expand my knowledge of wine enormously."



«Es ist wie es ist» It is like it is.


Through his passion for tasting wine, André wondered how his own wine might taste. Along the way he met Horst Sauer. Horst offered him the opportunity to research the art of cuvéeing. From the beginning, the two understood each other very well, harmonising perfectly. Thus, arose the first joint cuvée of Horst Sauer and André Macionga: “Es ist wie es ist”


Today the wine belongs to Andé’s life: "Wine is my calling, to create cuvée, the possibility of symbiotic variety, it’s my passion”.

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