Unartig 2016

ProjeCt Unartig


In the autumn of 2015 the winery of Neverland in Vendersheim, Rheinhessen caught my eye. The brothers Sebastian and Marcel Class invited me to a private wine tasting. After some visits to the winery and joint tasting we decided to start a project together.


After we had created the cuvée and the whole process was complete, we tasted the first bottle together. The word "Unartig" (naughty) was said and it was immediately obvious and undoubtedly the name this wine should have.


 "Unartig" is unique. Frivolous, perky and self-confident. This is shown on numerous levels.



The optimal wine glasses


The wine glass plays a crucial role to ensure that an aroma is perfectly developed. For “Unartig 2016” I recommend the following wine glasses:


Riesling glass



The flavor profile


First taste – freshly opened bottle

First, a fine note of elderberry greets the nose, a hint of white pepper joins it. Freshly opened, the wine leaves an aroma of immature melon in combination with the acidity of a crisp green apple. Its a shade of green and bright yellow – delightfully refreshing.


Second tastewith some oxygen

In the second round, with the development of some oxygen, the wine gains new features. The delicate elderberry as well as the pepper remain. Now, however, white peach mixes into the bouquet. Grapefruit also makes its way into the picture. In addition to the freshness of grapefruit, there are numerous herbs that remind me of essential oils. The excellent acidic structure enhances the complexity of the palate. This structure is also preserved in the finish. This taste reminds me of the feeling when, after a long, cold winter, the first sunny spring day knocks on the door.


Third tastewith a lot of oxygen

The journey continues. The colour, which was initially green, has now evolved into a dark yellow. In addition, a hint of mandarin zest appears. Furthermore, the aroma of kumquat along with a fresh breeze of aniseed is pressent. The acid retreats somewhat, but the herbal carousel still rotates. The longer the wine is in the glass, the more the texture will change. It is becoming more oily, almost a bit waxy.

In addition to the aromatic yellow complexion, a mild taste of passion fruit and a barely noticeable sweetness of marzipan and bourbon Vanilla are formed. “Unartig“ Tells a unique story. Like an excellent movie that you want to watch several times to see things that might have escaped you the first time.

Neverland & André Macionga

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